COUPLE SESSION - Sunrise at the Trocadéro

It’s 6am, the sky is cloudy, it’s raining a bit, but this moment, we talked about it maybe from the first moment we met. This sunrise session in front of the Eiffel Tower, with a bottle of Ruinard. And we did it for sure! And the champagne, at 8am, is definitively the best way to begin the day! Do you think it’s possible to ask one for every session?

See here the first part of their engagement session at the Palais Royal and the Louvres

wedding couple session paris

COUPLE SESSION - Love in Paris

What a pleasure, what a story, what an adventure to organize the engagement session before the wedding of these two! With a groom from Abu Dhabi, a bride from paris and a wedding in Provence, definitively they are travelers! As I am, so it was pretty sure than the feeling was going to be good! And for sure, after 3 minutes, they was totally confortable! Ready to follow me on my crazy ideas, open-mind for every trial, and even the weather was perfect!
We began the session at the garden next to the Palais Royal, and walked until the famous Louvres. An entire session realized with my film camera and you know what? It’s ok, I give up, I’m done with the digital!

See here the second part of their engagement session at the Eiffel Tower

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WEDDING - Inspiration Session in Monaco

In January, as a wedding photographer, either I go to Dubai for the season, or I take the opportunity to work on my book and put into practice the latest learning, realize ideas ... So this is a session that I like especially, because of the softness it releases. Entirely made in film photography, with my baby dog as guest star, a dress from Christophe Alexandre Docquin, a bouquet by A nos Racines and makeup / hair by Agnes Doussot, thank you to all this team that made my real ideas real!

wedding photographer monaco montecarlo dog

!!NEWS!! Here is our Newborn photographer!!

It was obvious that in our desire to offer the best photographers in their specialty, we had to find a pearl about newborn photography! An art in its own, continuous training, extraordinary patience and a technique that does not allow any mistake, as well as saying that it was difficult to find our fairy! And suddenly, Sandrine has arrived! An artist, a mother, a woman, a mixture of so many things that make each of her images extraordinary, as much as the human experience lived by young parents. Yes, we are proud that she has joined our team, because we have not found anyone as magical as she is, and now we have the pleasure and the honor of being able to offer her art to our clients!

newborn photographer monaco baby


It was cold that day in Paris, while I met Laure & David in front of the Louvre! We don’t have much time to photograph their engagement session; indeed, in a few hours, the first step of their wedding, their civilian "YES" ! We warm up at best, and here we go between the Louvres and the Palais Royal. A few drops of rain do nothing, these two are living one of the most beautiful days of their lives!

wedding photographer paris louvres


Last step of the adventure of their wedding in Mauritius, I meet again our newlyweds the day after their big day! A smooth start, our taxi driver telling us these bagnant trees which I fall in love with, before looking for a seaside and a boat to take some pictures with the drone! You thought it was over? It's bad to know us! Direction the sea, with the underwater material to complete this crazy adventure under water! But above all, end the day with a drink together before letting them enjoy their newlyweds life! Now, wait for May for their wedding in France alongside their loved ones!

wedding mauritius mariage photographe ile maurice

WEDDING in Mauritius

After a adorable engagement session the day before their wedding in Mauritius, I meet again our lovely couple for their big day! Better than a dream, the weather is sublime, and every detail is drawn perfectly. After a ceremony so intense in emotion that we all had tears in our eyes, I kidnap them a few moments for some photos on the beach before leaving them for a candlelit meal on the beach ...

wedding mauritius mariage ile maurice photographer


It's a great adventure to prepare these two for their wedding! Their dream? To get married to the mauritian island! But impossible not to marry no further from their family! The solution? Both! A first marriage, in love, with their princess, Mauritius, and another in May with their loved ones!

And here I am with them to accompany them in all this adventure and immortalize all that! A magnificent human meeting above all, great moments, but also a successful first step! Let's start with the commitment session, the day before their wedding, followed by a party to unwind before the big day! Extract…

wedding photographer mauritius mariage ile maurice