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WEDDING in Mauritius

After a adorable engagement session the day before their wedding in Mauritius, I meet again our lovely couple for their big day! Better than a dream, the weather is sublime, and every detail is drawn perfectly. After a ceremony so intense in emotion that we all had tears in our eyes, I kidnap them a few moments for some photos on the beach before leaving them for a candlelit meal on the beach ...

wedding mauritius mariage ile maurice photographer


It's a great adventure to prepare these two for their wedding! Their dream? To get married to the mauritian island! But impossible not to marry no further from their family! The solution? Both! A first marriage, in love, with their princess, Mauritius, and another in May with their loved ones!

And here I am with them to accompany them in all this adventure and immortalize all that! A magnificent human meeting above all, great moments, but also a successful first step! Let's start with the commitment session, the day before their wedding, followed by a party to unwind before the big day! Extract…

wedding photographer mauritius mariage ile maurice